This is the fourth issue of Unknown Quantities (UQ), a collaboration between students on MA Culture, Criticism and Curation and MA Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. A team of ten women, came to the theme – intimacy – through a collective passion for “intimate” texts, the type of writing that reveals personal and hidden parts of human existence. 
As with the previous issues of UQ, the intentions was to translate and transform an abstract concept into a physical form – a publication filled with words and images. The team collected a multitude of voices to express the difficulty in grasping a universal understanding of intimacy in today’s context. Each contributor approached the topic in their own way, bringing their own understanding of intimacy to a shared journey.
Research, design, editorial, and compilation by:
Fiona Abades Barclay, Mina Barcelo Chine, Kathryn Basterfield, Ximeng Chen, Ana De Saracho Hernandez-Ros, Emma King, Alexandra Sazonova, Chloe Ting, Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez, Mio Yokota
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